Country Music
Killin' Songs


Big Iron - Written and sung by Marty Robbins. Also sung by Johnny Cash
Red Headed Stranger - sung by Eddie Arnold and many others (Willie Nelson made it famous but his album version is long and meshed with other songs). Written by Edith Lindeman and Carl Stutz, 1959?
Me And My Uncle - sung by John Denver written by John Phillips of Mommas and Papas (also sung by Judy Collins and Grateful Dead)
El Paso - written and sung by Marty Robbins
The Streets of Laredo - Everybody sung this but Johnny Cash version is good
The Sky Above, the Mud Below - written and sung by Tom Russell

They're Hanging Me Tonight - Marty Robbins, written by James N. Low, Art Wolpert
Running Gun - Marty Robbins, Wrtten By Jim Glaser and Tompall Glaser
Don't Take Your Guns To Town - Written and performed by Johnny Cash