My personal review of in the UK.

This is my personal review of the company that primarily goes by in the UK. Basically ne ver do business with them. They have some great people on the phone but their procedures and telephone setup are such that even if they make a mistake in your booking, you'll never get your money back. I dealt with their people and travelselect couldn't contact their own customer service which I assume is at a different location at The travel agent made a booking in the wrong month. After hours of calling between the customer service and the travel agent, they agreed to refund my money. Three weeks later there had been no refund on my credit card. I had to go through the entire nightmare of hours of calling between customer service and the travel agency. Only the briefest of mentions had been made on the record of my account.

Again, ne ver do business with them. Any tiny mistake and the red tape required to rectify it with is a nightmare. I think the worst part was after putting you on hold for 20 minutes, they come back on the line and say very nicely that they will call back so you don't have to hold. That happened 4, maybe 5 times with three different people. They haven't called back yet.

October 2004

update: About 12:30 AM, somebody actually called me. I think they said I might get a refund in a week....we'll see, even if I do, I'll never deal with them again.


Nothing ever happened despite all the promises. I had to get my credit card company to contest the charges. The credit card company temporarily credited me the disputed amount and I haven't eard any more.


January 2005
American Express has finalised my refund from those criminals.